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Does Edwards & Co have a double stroller?

by Emily Parks

June 2022 update...

Our double is available for window shopping. Check out the Olive here.

We can already guarantee that the Edwards & Co double will be on the list as one of the best double pram's on the market.  

If you’re looking for a twin stroller – good news – our double stroller can fit two newborns and give you a few different configurations to suit your lifestyle. Obviously, if you’re simply after a pram that grows with your family, this double stroller will be the one for you.

One of the most common questions among parents is, “do I need a double pram?”

If there will be a larger gap between kids, say 2+ years, you might not need a double pram. This is because your toddler is that much older and might be perfectly capable of riding their scooter or balance bike, while their newborn sibling is in the stroller. You can shop our single stroller, the Oscar, here. Or choose the Olive for future-proofing as the Olive is a single four-wheeler with second seat capability. 

If you like baby wearing, you can get away with a single pram and wear your youngest in the front pack. This is great for keeping your hands free while wrangling the toddler – and you’ve officially reached “Super Mum level” if you can breastfeed your baby while they’re in the front pack (not impossible…trust us!)

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