Edwards & Co aims to bring elegance and functionality to your baby's nursery with our thoughtfully curated selection of baby nursery furniture and accessories. Our commitment to providing parents with the finest essentials for their little ones shines through in our selection of bundles, cots, changing units and spare parts from the very best brands, including Cariboo. Whether you're designing a nursery from scratch or looking to enhance an existing space, Edwards & Co offers a range of premium, stylish options for your baby.

Explore our nursery collection and discover beautifully crafted bundles. These make furnishing your nursery easy by combining key nursery elements for a cohesive and charming look. Our Cariboo cots prioritise safety while nurturing sweet dreams. Edwards & Co's cot range combine comfort and style, providing a secure haven for your baby to rest and grow. Our changing units are designed with both functionality and style in mind, ensuring that every moment spent in your nursery is not only convenient but also surrounded by tasteful design. 

Let Edwards & Co create a nurturing and delightful nursery environment for your baby. Each product in our nursery range is selected from reputable brands like Cariboo and reflects our dedication to quality and care for your child's well-being.