Our Story

It’s the combination of a designer’s passion
- and a parent’s love - that makes Edwards & Co unique.

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Edwards & Co

Edwards & Co has been around for over 30 years, we know our stuff and knowledge has been passed down through our family.

As a boutique, family-owned company made up entirely of Kiwi parents - we understand the ride, because we’ve lived it. We’ve learned, first-hand, the pressures, the frustrations and the joys… and seen what matters most.

Our range of products are designed to impress, designed to last, designed to change, and designed to give every member of the Edwards & Co ‘family’ the smoothest possible ride.

Because with our unique blend of passion, care and understanding - they’re designed with love.

Our Team

Aimee looks after Sales and Accounts. She is the go-to person for everything Edwards and Co related – customers and retailers alike. She is Mum to two boys; Roman and Noah, and absolutely loves summer, holidays, family and friends!

Emily is our Marketing Delivery Manager and social media whiz. She's Mum to a boisterous toddler who keeps her busy! Emily's favourite product is the Oscar g3 which the family use every single day. She’s hoping to make use of the carry cot and SnuzPod for any future babies…watch this space!

Warwick is Top Dog; the guy who pays the bills and does other important things around the place. He’s Dad to XX and Grandad to one. Warwick knows the ins and outs of most strollers and is often found away from his desk, downstairs repairing and tuning up strollers that need a little TLC. He’s been in the business for decades…if you’ve got a question, Warwick can answer it!

Francis is our Storeman and is responsible for everything that goes on behind the scenes in the warehouse. He receives product, sends out deliveries and keeps it all tracked from our place to yours. He’s Dad to two teenage girls and enjoys making music in his spare time.

It makes sense that the founder and creator of Edwards & Co is OBSESSED with all things strollers. Designing, constructing, pushing; you name it, he loves it! Mark is father to one boy and enjoys taking him for Father/Son strolls in his Oscar g3 to their local café. “I love having Frankie face me and making him giggle – I know this age won’t last long!

How it all Started


Back in the 80s we just didn't have the baby transport options we have now. Buggies and prams were clunky and awkward, which most parents and babies just put up with. Phillippa and Warwick Edwards saw that things could be different; they needed things to be different, they were expecting twins! With an eye for quality and a knack for knowing what parents needed, the Edwards became a key car seat and buggy distributor to retailers all over the country.




The Edwards imported NZ's first tandem twin buggy, in 1986. At the time, The Phoenix buggy was revolutionary – and parents loved it. In 1988, the couple discovered the Evenflo brand in the US, and fell in love with its innovation and practicality. Again, this was cutting edge baby technology in NZ. They brought a capsule car seat, the innovative Discovery car seat, and more stroller designs to the country for the first time.


They also paved the way for the future generation of Edwards & Co – the brand you know and love today. We put so much thought into designing our buggies and travel systems because they're not just about transport, they're about spending time exploring, and having fun, with your kids.




Almost 30 years later, the brand has grown up and we’re now competing with a huge market of buggies, strollers, capsules, and every possible baby accessory you could imagine. It's a far cry from 1985. Edwards & Co have gone back to our roots: using our own experience and design. The new range includes an integrated capsule and base, and versatile strollers and buggies with reversible seats, so you can look at your baby as you go. They're easy and – dare we say – fun for parents and kids.