Baby Bassinets

For new parents, sleep can feel like an elusive treasure. The right baby bassinet can help make the dream of a good night's sleep a reality, offering your baby a safe, cosy space to rest while you enjoy some much-needed peace. 

The Edwards & Co bassinet collection offers premium sleep solutions designed to provide comfort for baby and peace of mind for parents. 

Edwards & Co's bassinets prioritise optimal airflow with mesh windows and breathable materials, ensuring your baby sleeps soundly and safely through the night. Our bassinets are lightweight and portable, making it easy to keep your baby close to you day and night.

Our SnüzPod4 is a bedside bassinet that keeps your little one cosy and secure right by your side. Its reflux tilt helps soothe discomfort, while the rockable stand gently lulls your baby to sleep. The lift-off bassinet can also be used as a standalone cot anywhere in your home. 

The SnüzBaskit is a modern take on the classic Moses basket, made from innovative KinderFelt™ material—100% recycled and free from harmful substances. It's larger, stronger, and lighter than traditional Moses baskets and features dual mesh windows for better breathability. The included 3D breathable mesh mattress adds extra comfort for your newborn.