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How long can I leave my baby in their capsule?

by Emily Parks

The Avery Capsule clicks directly into your Oscar stroller, making trips out of the house even smoother when you have a wee baby.

A capsule is a car seat and as such, it’s designed for transporting your baby in the car. New parents are often questioning, how long can I leave my baby in their capsule? Some say 30mins, others say 1hr or 2hrs.

We’ve answered this question already here. Short answer: it is difficult to give specific time limits for babies in capsules as this will differ from baby to baby, depending on their head and neck control. Newborns who cannot hold their own head up should be limited to 30mins at a time in their capsule.

What if we’re going on a road trip?

Once your baby is a little older, and for toddlers and other kids in car seats, it’s generally accepted that you could drive for 2hrs at a time, have a little break, and then get on the road again.

Things to consider:

  • A backseat mirror to keep an eye on baby
  • An adult sitting next to baby in the back
  • Your capsule or car seat installed correctly, to ensure the angle of the seat and harness is fitted properly

Travel systems

Pram and capsule combos are popular in New Zealand, and you might have heard people calling these a travel system. However, we no longer use this terminology at Edwards & Co.

A baby travel system is not the same thing as a travel pram (like our Otto stroller). A travel system is typically a pram that you can attach a capsule or a carry cot to. This is what you can do with your Oscar stroller + Avery Capsule or Oscar Carry Cot.

Being able to click the Carry Cot into your Oscar stroller means you can take your baby out for long walks near the beach; coffee dates with your mum’s group; or an overnighter at Grandma’s house. The Carry Cot gives your baby a safe space to sleep and chill out, without needing to disturb them from A to B.

Being able to click your capsule into your pram is also super handy for new parents. You might do this if you’re popping into the supermarket or retail store, or if you’re popping into a café or friends house for a play date. Typically, your baby won’t be in their capsule for too long before they need a feed or a cuddle (or a nappy change…a poo explosion is almost guaranteed in the capsule, right?!)

We have experts on our team

We have several Child Restraint Technicians (CRT) among our New Zealand based team. Child Restraint Technicians or Car Seat Techs are trained in installing a variety of car seats in different vehicles. They can also advise you on selecting the best car seat for your vehicle and budget.

Our team can help you if you’re having trouble installing your Avery Capsule and Base in your car (it’s quite simple!) Or if you have any other question relating to your child’s infant capsule.

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