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Does it get any easier?

by Emily Parks

Pregnancy second-time around has been a lot harder than I remember. Becoming pregnant has certainly never been an issue (that comes to me a little too easily!) and my first pregnancy was all sorts of bliss.

A little nausea here and there, a few niggles but otherwise smooth sailing. My son was born at home at 42 weeks and so started our life as parents.

I’m not sure if it’s a girl thing, a second pregnancy thing or something else, but this time round has been…less than bliss! I was bedridden for a lot of the first half of pregnancy with nausea and vomiting multiple times a day. I had people asking me outright if I was pregnant at only 10 weeks and despite their reassurance, I’m yet to experience the plateau! Big is beautiful, right?

Despite all of that, I really do enjoy pregnancy. My “struggles” have been minor in the grand scheme of things and I know I’ll miss these wriggly little limbs inside my belly. 

We’re nearing the end of this pregnancy journey and I’ve got pages of lists reminding me of all the things I’m yet to organise. The freezer needs filling, the house needs a thorough de-clutter and deep clean, and baby girl needs a few more little items – I’d love to know where to buy cute bassinet sheets?!

I’m not sure I’m feeling more relaxed this time around. In fact, I have more anxieties about birth than I did the first time, despite everything going wonderfully. I’m also thinking ahead to the ‘fourth trimester’ and what’s in store for us. I guess with your first, ignorance is bliss!

In saying that, I think newborn life won’t faze me as much – been there, done that – and this time I’ll make sure to love the endless hours cuddling on the couch. It’s the toddler I’m still figuring out! And yes, we’re keeping him in day care a few days a week when baby arrives. Parenting is all about survival and day care is our lifeline. 

I’ve heard that going from one child to two is all sorts of crazy, but I can’t help but be a little optimistic. Going from zero to one changed my life and I found motherhood so incredibly hard. The first 18 months were not a happy time. I reckon if we survived that, adding one more won’t be so bad. (Feel free to hold me to that in a few months’ time!)

I’d love to hear about your pregnancy journey. Was your first or subsequent pregnancies harder? Did you find the jump from one to two the hardest…or something else? 

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