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Olive FAQs

by Emily Parks

We are proud to introduce our Olive stroller, a single four-wheeler with second seat capability. She's small yet mighty!
Read on as we answer your FAQs: 

Olive pram with Avery Capsule attached

What makes Olive unique?

HUGE weight capacity

The main seat unit has a 22kg weight capacity which means your child won't be growing out of this stroller anytime soon. It also has a massive storage basket with a 10kg weight capacity, plenty of room for multiple baby bags, bikes, bottles etc. 

And if you choose to use the Upper Adapters* when in single mode, you'll get even more space in the basket due to the raised height of the seat.

*The Upper Adapters are included when your purchase your Olive stroller. You don't have to use them when using Olive as a single, but when using it as a double, you'll need to use the Upper Adapters and Lower Adapters (Lower Adapters are included when you purchase the Second Seat Kit).


Olive with Upper Adapters

Full recline and adjustable seats for both kids

When used as a double, both the main seat AND second/toddler seat have a 22kg weight capacity, both can fully recline, and both have adjustable footrests. We designed Olive to be practical for the long term. 

Reclined seat on Olive stroller

Same footprint as a single or double 

Olive isn't any wider or longer when used as a double, and she has a centred-weight balance which means steering one-handed is no big deal. 

Olive pram pushed through a narrow doorway

Durability standards

Olive exceeds the AS/NZ durability standard by five times. 

Is it a twin pram?

Yes! We have a twin bundle you can shop here. Olive can attach two Avery Capsules, two Carry Cots, two seats, or a combo. 

What configurations are available? 

We don't expect you to cycle through all 12+ configurations, and you'll soon find which configuration will suit your family best, whether you have twins, a small 14 month age gap or 2.5 years between babies.

Mark's favourite configuration when he had a newborn and 2.5yr old was to attach the Carry Cot to the lower connection points, with the main seat unit forward-facing on top.

Configurations available for the Olive stroller

Can I get different colours? 

Olive is available in 5 colourways, with two premium colours available. 

Colour options available for Olive

Can I buy it in a bundle?

Yes! The bundle you choose will depend on your needs. Visit our bundles page to learn more.

Limited release vs mass production, what does this mean?

We are launching with a limited release of stock and we expect this to arrive by late August, with preorders opening end of July. Once this limited release sells out, mass production should be available toward the end of the year.

Do the accessories I already have work with Olive?

Yes, Olive fits the Oscar Mx Sun & Rain Cover (renamed to Olive/Oscar M Sun & Rain Covers), any Luxe Liner or Sleeping Bag, the Cup Holder, Stroller Organiser and Stroller Blanket.

The Avery Capsule clicks directly into the Olive frame; no adapters are necessary (but you can use the Upper Adapters described above).

The Carry Cot Mx also clicks directly into the Olive frame.

However, it's important to note that while it will be a great fit as a single stroller, we recommend using the new Carry Cot 2 when using the Olive as a double.

The new Carry Cot 2 is slightly shorter than the Mx. If you use the Carry Cot Mx, when using Olive as a double, you will have slightly less room in the basket when the Carry Cot Mx is attached to the lower adapters; when used on top, the Carry Cot Mx will reach closer to your toddlers face who will be sitting in the second seat.

Carry Cot on Upper Adapters with Second Seat on OliveCarry Cot on lower adapters with main seat on Olive

You shouldn't use the Upper Adapters with your Oscar Mx stroller as this has not been safety tested.

Can I buy the Olive frame only? I already have an Oscar Mx seat.

No, the Olive comes as a single stroller including the frame, four wheels, main seat and Upper Adapters. You shouldn't click your Oscar Mx seat into the Olive.

Can I buy the Upper or Lower Adapters separately? 

Not at this stage. We will make these available as a spare part in the future for any customers that might lose theirs. 


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