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Difference between Oscar Mx and M2

by Apoorva Vegesna
Yay, we’re super excited to announce the new Oscar has arrived!

Our bestselling stroller has received some great upgrades including increased weight capacity as well as a new design and colours.



  • The M2 has an increased weight capacity of 22kg
  • The M2 has an increased basket weight of 10kg
  • There are more colour options available with the M2 as it comes in Sand, Red Rust and Slate Grey along with the classic Black Luxe
  • Increased padding on the M2 seat allows for even more comfort for your child



Both Mx and M2 are compatible with existing accessories including the Carry Cot  Mx, Carry Cot 2, Newborn Insert Cushion and Avery Capsule.



Will my Carry Cot fit in the M2?

Carry Cot Mx and Carry Cot 2 both click directly into the M2.

What about my Avery capsule?

Our Avery capsule is compatible with our new M2 Stroller.

Will my Oscar Mx be compatible with the new accessories?

Yes, it will be compatible with our new accessories such as the Carry Cot 2.

Will you have an Oscar M2 Bundle too? 

Yes, you can shop the Oscar M2 bundle here


Let's chat sustainability

We’ve made the decision to use a dope-dyed fabric for our Black Luxe, this is an improvement on the Oscar Mx and means, as well as being a more environmentally-friendly process, dope-dyed fabric has a higher sun-fade rating. We’re now super confident that your black canopies will be loved for years and years!

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