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Choosing the Perfect Ride: Oscar vs. Olive

by Anna Dyer

A Guide to Picking the Ideal Pram for Your Parenting Journey


Welcome to the world of parenthood, where each decision feels monumental, especially when it comes to choosing the right pram for your little one. At Edwards & Co we understand the unique needs of active parents who crave manoeuvrability, lightweight designs, and those who seek versatility for future family planning. In this guide, we'll help you navigate the decision-making process between two of our full-size prams: the 3-wheel Oscar M2 and the 4-wheel Olive.

The first thing to understand when deciding what pram is right for you is to understand what Oscar and Olive have in common. Whilst they offer different lifestyle benefits, they share a lot of the same DNA.


 oscar olive

Oscar M2 and Olive – what they share:


Accessories – Oscar and Olive share the same memory adapters which mean you can connect and use any Edwards & Co M-Series accessories with either pram. From our stylish carry-cot, our Avery Capsule and even our luxe seat liners they will all seamlessly work across both products.


Fold – Oscar and Olive both share a single-step fold. In one swift motion, the pram effortlessly collapses into a compact and portable form, streamlining the process of transitioning from strolling to storage.


Compact – Both Oscar and Olive have a compact design that makes moving around a breeze. Their space-saving nature makes it a dream for parents with limited storage space. The ability to easily navigate crowded spaces, narrow aisles, and busy streets is a game-changer for parents constantly on the move.


The Oscar M2: Single, Nimble, and Light


Key Features:

Single Pram Design:

The Oscar pram is tailored for parents who prioritize agility and ease of use. Its 3-wheel design makes navigation a breeze, especially in crowded urban settings or on adventurous terrains. Whilst Oscar has a single seat, you can still connect a stroller board accessory to give you the ability to move around with two children.



Active parents, this one's for you! The Oscar pram is designed to effortlessly weave through tight spaces, making it the perfect companion for those who love to explore the outdoors. Whether you're navigating through busy streets or strolling in the park, the Oscar pram ensures a smooth ride for both you and your baby.


Lightweight and compact:

We understand that every gram counts when you're on the move. Oscar M2 boasts a lightweight design without compromising on durability. Its frame is crafted to be easy to handle, fold, and transport, allowing you to focus on enjoying your parenting journey.


Ideal for:

  • Parents who value manoeuvrability and quick navigation.
  • Those who enjoy an active lifestyle and need a pram that can keep up.
  • Parents looking for a lightweight and compact solution for smaller car boots and limited storage.


 The Olive: Urban Adventures and Future-Proofing


Key Features:

 Convertible Design:

The Olive pram is a 4-wheel wonder that starts as a single pram but has the added advantage of converting into a double pram with our second seat kit accessory. This feature is perfect for parents who are planning to expand their family, twins or for those who have children close in age. The Olive pram grows with your family, ensuring you're always ready for the next adventure.


Urban Adventure Ready:

With its stable 4-wheel design, the Olive pram excels in urban environments. Whether you're navigating bustling city streets or exploring your local neighbourhood, the Olive pram provides stability and control, ensuring a comfortable ride for your little one.



Planning for the future? The Olive pram is your ideal choice. Its convertible feature allows you to seamlessly transition from a single to a double pram, eliminating the need for a second pram purchase when your family expands. Future-proof your parenting journey with Olive.


Ideal for:

  • Urban adventurers seeking stability and control.
  • Parents planning to have children close in age.
  • Twins
  • Those looking to invest in a pram that grows with their family.



How to Choose:

Active Lifestyle:

  • If you love the outdoors, need quick manoeuvrability, and prefer a lightweight solution, the Oscar pram is your go-to choice.

Growing Family:

  • For those planning to expand their family or with children close in age, the Olive pram offers the flexibility and future-proofing you need.

Terrain and Environment:

  • Urban Living: The Olive pram is well-suited for urban environments, providing stability and control on city streets.
  • Adventurers: If your adventures take you off the beaten path, the Oscar pram's nimble 3-wheel design is perfect for navigating various terrains.


Budget and Long-Term Planning:

  • Initial Investment: The Oscar M2 is a budget-friendly option that caters to immediate needs.
  • Long-Term Investment: The Olive, with its convertible feature, serves as a long-term investment that can adapt to your family's growth.



In the end, both the Oscar and Olive prams offer unique features catering to different parenting styles and needs. Consider your lifestyle, family plans, and preferences to make the best decision for your parenting journey. At Edwards & Co we are here to give parents with smoothest ride on this exciting adventure, providing the perfect ride for you and your little one. Happy strolling!

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