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Pram, Stroller, Buggy, Pushchair. What’s the difference?

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Did you know that pram is short for the word perambulator? We can all agree nobody uses that word anymore but what do you call a pram…er I mean, stroller…

We asked our social media community which word they typically use, and the results were overwhelmingly in favour of “pram”.

Our Instagram community breakdown looked like:

• 72% say pram
• 12% say stroller
• 7% say buggy or pushchair

And Facebook was almost identical:

• 77% say pram
• 10% say stroller
• 7% pushchair
• 4% buggy

I always said pram up until a few years ago when I started working for Edwards & Co, then it was stroller. Even now, I find myself swapping between the two when I’m asking my little one to jump into the [insert word here]!

But it doesn’t end there

Up until this point, we assumed everyone was talking about the Oscar stroller – our three-wheel, all-terrain buggy (oops – there’s a new word!) Most people call this type of stroller a pram.

But then we asked, “what would you call the Otto? Is this a pram, too?”

Short answer, nope! This is a stroller.

I hope we haven’t lost you with all the jargon; rest assured you can call your pram whatever you want, and we’ll probably understand what you’re talking about. 

The Otto is our compact/travel stroller that would be equivalent to an “umbrella stroller” (way more features of course, and you wouldn’t be throwing the Otto away after your holiday!)

What on earth is a Travel System?

A Travel System is a term we don’t really use anymore at Edwards & Co, we used to though. This is typically a stroller (I mean pram...) that can have a carry cot or capsule attached to it.

A carry cot is the bassinet attachment for your pram.

You can click your Oscar Carry Cot and/or Avery Capsule directly into the Oscar stroller, without needing any adapters. Some other capsule brands work with our strollers but you will need to purchase the adapter.

Written by Emily, our Marketing Manager and mum of two.