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Mark's Masterclass: Top tips for flying with kids

by Nicole Brunton

Flying with kids can be a daunting experience for parents, but don’t worry! Our founder, Mark, has mastered the art of family travel and is here to share his top tips for a smooth and enjoyable journey. From the importance of sleep to clever packing strategies, Mark's insights are a must-read for parents gearing up for their next adventure.

1. Prioritise Sleep for a Tear-Free Flight
You may be tempted to tire your kids out for a peaceful flight, but this may backfire. The airport's hustle and bustle, coupled with an overtired child can lead to tears mid-flight. Therefore, always ensure your kids get extra sleep before the journey.

Embrace Early Morning Flights
Despite the initial struggle of waking up early, everyone will be fresher and more cooperative. This simple adjustment sets a positive tone for the entire travel experience.

3. Strategic Planning with Toys and Games
To keep the little ones entertained, plan ahead by bringing new toys, games, and plenty of food. Mark recommends creating a small bag of random toys, introducing an element of surprise to maintain their interest throughout the journey.

 4. Invest in a Comfortable Travel Stroller
Mark's travel essential is a good stroller, one that offers comfort for napping and conveniently fits into the overhead locker of the plane. Mark recalls how Frankie slept everywhere in the Otto pram when they traveled to Italy.

5. Bassinet Booking and Kids Meals
For a more comfortable journey, Mark advises booking a bassinet for any child up to 11kg—most airlines offer this option. Additionally, booking kids meals in advance ensures that your children have familiar and appetising food options during the flight.

6. Secure a Window Seat
Mark's pro-tip for a more controlled environment is booking a window seat. Kids love looking out the window, and it provides a built-in barrier to prevent them from running away. Attachments to the window also add an extra layer of distraction.

7. Opt for a Spacious Travel Bag
Mark highlights that most airlines allow two baby items, so use a travel bag to store your stroller or travel cot and load the other bag with all your other necessary items.

8. Essentials at Your Fingertips with a Handy Bag
Mark suggests keeping essentials handy with a well-organised bag. A tote bag paired with a clutch is a great combination—use the clutch for passports and pens, store the tote bag in the overhead locker, and keep the clutch with you for quick and easy access.

9. Ear Comfort During Takeoff and Landing
Takeoffs and landings can be tough on little ears. For babies, Mark recommends giving them a bottle or breastfeeding during these times to help alleviate ear pressure. For older kids, a lollipop serves as a tasty yet effective solution.

10. The Grandparent Bonus
Finally, don’t forget to bring the grandparents! Their wisdom, extra hands, and unique ability to spoil the grandkids can turn a family journey into an even more enjoyable adventure. After all, what's better than making travel memories with multiple generations?

Armed with Mark's expert advice, parents can tackle air travel with confidence. Bon voyage! 

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