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I'm overwhelmed, are you?

by Zoe Goodman

When it comes to having a baby, how does anyone know where to start? Of course, we know how it starts (!) but it can be information overload when it comes to buying products, setting up the nursery, choosing ‘the best’ of everything…

Hi everyone, my name is Zoe and I’m not a parent!

I joined the Edwards & Co team at the end of 2020 as Marketing Assistant and I happened to be the first non-parent. Luckily, another “non-parent” was hired soon after!

Honestly, I have very little experience with kids, what you need and how it all works. I was thrown in the deep end after my very first week on the job, jumping on the Edwards & Co stand at the North Shore Baby Expo. I had to learn as much as I could about all things Edwards & Co: stat!

At the Expo I felt I could somewhat relate to some of the first-timers who also seemed overwhelmed at how many different products were (apparently) MUST-HAVES. I recognized the same look on their face as the thoughts in my head, “What products do really we need? How does this thing work? What does this do? Why do you need this?!”

My knowledge of the Edwards & Co range grew over the day as I continued to give product demonstrations. Being able to explain how each product is used and how it would make their parenting journey that much easier was so rewarding. I could see the nerves settle as expectant parents fell in love with Edwards & Co – not only the products but the story behind the brand.  

My key takeaways from my first week – and working at the Baby Expo – are:

  1. The Oscar Mx is adaptable to a range of parents and lifestyles; 
  2. The Carry Cot Mx is a super handy portable bassinet; 
  3. Edwards & Co doesn’t sell products “just because” and our accessories help parents along their journey right From Day One. 

Main features I love (and make sure to tell parents during a demo)

I had no idea how versatile a stroller could be…but just about everything on the Oscar Mx can be adjusted, removed or extended (and SO easily?!). The seat reclines and can face both forward and reverse, the handlebar height and footrest can be adjusted, the wheels can be removed with one push of a button to fit into the boot easier, as can the bumper bar to make getting baby in and out that much easier.

Who knew how cool a portable bassinet was?! And even better that it clicks in and out of the Oscar Mx frame so easily! The Carry Cot Mx can be used right From Day One and the best part about it, is that it provides a safe sleep space for baby (even for overnight stays). If you’re going camping, away for the weekend or simply out for the day at a picnic, the Carry Cot is the perfect accessory as it removes the need for a separate porta cot and the stress of ensuring your accommodation has something suitable.  

Why I love Edwards & Co

One of my favourite things I’ve found about Edwards & Co is the passion of creating products for parents, because, until I came along, everyone at Edwards & Co is a parent. Because they understand the ride of parenthood, they have a firm grasp on what features and accessories parents need to make life that little bit easier. For example, an essential coffee cup holder?! And the Luxe Liners are a great addition as parents can personalise their stroller with a touch of colour…AND they make cleaning up accidental explosions much easier (which I hear happen far too often).

From what I’ve been exposed to so far in my Edwards & Co journey, I am in love with everything the brand stands for and the passion behind the team. I’m so excited to grow with Edwards & Co, and even more so for when I can use the products with my own family when the time comes! 

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