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Nurturing Beginnings: From Bump to Breast

by Anna Dyer

Navigating the Path to Successful Breastfeeding

Edwards & Co Showroom, Silverdale, 6pm - July 25th  

Are you an expectant parent planning to breastfeed?

Many new mothers wish they had learned more about breastfeeding before their baby arrived. Give yourself the gift of preparation and confidence with this comprehensive session. Rebecca, an expert Lactation Consultant and Midwife from Heart & Hands Postnatal Care, will be your guide through this session which is not to be missed! She will cover:
  • The importance of getting acquainted with your changing breasts in late pregnancy
  • When and how to get fitted for the perfect nursing bra
  • The magic of colostrum: what it is, why it's produced, and its vital role
  • Colostrum harvesting techniques and their benefits in early motherhood
  • What to expect in your first week of breastfeeding
  • The secrets to achieving a perfect, pain-free latch
  • Why the second night with your newborn can be challenging, and how to cope
  • Managing engorgement for comfort and continued milk production
  • The transition from colostrum to mature milk
Arm yourself with knowledge and practical tips that countless mothers wish they had known from the start. Invest in your breastfeeding success now – your future self will thank you!

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