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Oscar Mx
Cant fault it, amazing stroller

Looks sleek, easy to assemble, so functional to use. Very very happy with this stroller

Oscar Mx
jamie Marshall
Simply the best.

This is the most incredible pram. My partner and I are so greatful to have one! It’s sleek and perfect for our little bubba. Well done edwards and co. I wouldn’t have any other pram.

Oscar Mx
Such good quality

Easy to install too, didn't take long to put together at all.

Oscar Mx
Libby Zhang
Love it

Can't wait to use it

Oscar Mx
Best pram ever!

Super easy to use, every detail you'd want in a pram has been thought through and designed so well. We love it.

Seamless assemble

Love our new Oscar MX, very easy to assemble and super smooth to move. Can't wait to have our baby in it!

Oscar Mx
Absolutely gorgeous!

Have just received my Oscar MX stroller and capsule bundle. Everything about it all is so nice, just as described and easy to put together. Now to wait on bubs to arrive to put it to use!

Donna Seymour
Brilliant Product

So eas to assemble. Super light to use. Absolutely beautiful product. Highly recommend.

Luxe Liner
Kelly McVey
Luxe liner

Loving the luxe liner! So lush & super cozy for our wee girl! Love how it’s double sided and machine washable.

Stroller Organiser
Ashleigh Tipene
Best stroller organiser

I absolutely love the stroller organiser,fits so much in it,great quality fabric. Easy access,has a phone pocket aswell.
Highly recommend the stroller organiser for your pram.

Oscar Mx
Amanda Humphris
Simple and easy to use!

Expecting my first baby in September and spent a lot of time talking with friends and doing some research and it was clear Edwards and Co were a front runner! Now that my Essentials Bundle has arrived I can see why!
Super easy to put together. Love how simple it is to click between capsule, carry cot and normal pram. Going to make being a new Mumma so much easier.
Bring on September 😍

Oscar Mx

Such a pretty pram ! easy to put together, fast delivery & super compact. Cannot wait to use this beauty

Great compact travel pram

Absolute god send when travelling solo with a young toddler - made it SO much easier being able to wheel him right down the aisle on the plane, especially since he was asleep at one end. Airline crew were initially skeptical but quickly turned to very impressed. Love the one handed fold - managed to do it in the aisle while holding said toddler. Lives in the footwell in the car for trips into town which leaves the boot free for the dog and shopping. Only thing I’d change is have it able to sit a bit more upright.

Thank you for taking the time to write such a glowing review, Rosie :) we love the Otto, too!


Absolutely love my pram and all the attachments I have that are interchangeable. However gutted with the cup holder as after just 3 times using it, it became loose and ended up snapping off at the attachment clip :(

Hi Renee,

I'm sorry you've had trouble with your Cup Holder. We have made some improvements to the cup holder so please email us with your delivery address and phone number, and mention this review. We'll send you a new one. Thanks, Michaela

Great quality

This stroller looks and feels luxurious from the moment you open up the packaging. Our baby loved it from her first lie down. It feels great to push around as the wheels are very smooth and the design is excellent. However, the rubber tyres do smell quite strongly but it should dissipate after airing out for a while.

Better than expected!

I was pretty unsure how much I would actually use the carry cot but I am so glad I got it! We have used this every day since babe was born, and even some unsettled nights. It has been worth its weight in gold. It’s bigger than other ones I have seen and it’s meant our big babe still fits in it at the 3 month mark! I don’t know what we would have done without it!

Love hate relationship

Absolutely love my pram and the accessories I have for it so far but the cup holder I’m not the biggest fan of and I found that when I have a bottle or cup in it when I go for a stroll around the block it legit flips upside down 🙃 really not ideal

Hi Emma,

I'm sorry you've had trouble with your Cup Holder. We have made some improvements to the cup holder so please email us with your delivery address and phone number, and mention this review. We'll send you a new one. Thanks, Michaela

VERY tight fit over some parts.

We have the Oscar Mx stroller and done is very well with all the accessories. So of course we bought the travel bag to protect our stroller for when flying. It was a disappointment!

It looks nice, fair price, great handles and instructions are straight forward. But to close it over the top part was very tight over some “corners”. Once after “wiggle” it in different positions for a while it finally zipped over the tight bit. It looks like the seems won’t hold for long. It would only need about 2-4 cm bigger to easily close it without looking like it’s going to break over the tight part. Struggle to get the stroller into its suitable bag at the airport is the last thing you want to spend time on and worry about, as you already taking the whole thing apart to put it in.
It would also be nice to have the option to buy it slightly padded to feel it’s really protected.

Hi Martina, thanks for your feedback. The Travel Bag is a great fit and shouldn't be tight like you're describing. I'm wondering if maybe the stroller hasn't been packed correctly into the Travel Bag? If you send us a photo to our team will be able to trouble shoot with you. I hope we can sort this out for you! Cheers, Emily

Oscar Mx
Oscar mx review

Overall happy with the pram but the suspension is lacking and I didn’t find it supportive enough when bub was newborn. Fine if you’re on smooth path but most suburban foot paths have bumps and bubs head would bounce around quite a bit. I also found the black canopy has faded in the sun quite fast despite us not leaving it out in the sun, seems to just wear colour wise quite quickly. Other than that now bub is a older it’s more than comfortable and being able to interchange the capsule and carry cot with it was super handy!

Room foe improvement

First off I love my Edward and co pram, however the coffee cup was not as good as I thought. It definitely feels sturdy and look great but after 2 days of using it, it started to swivel and my cup would not sit up right.
The tension plastic that holds the cup holder on has broken - the design definitely needs and upgrade.
However the rest of the pram is absolutely amazing.

Hi Kaela,

Thanks for your review and I'm glad you're loving your pram. We have actually made some improvements to the cup holder so please email us with your delivery address and phone number, and mention this review. We'll send you a new one. Thanks, Emily

Doesn’t stay upright

Bit disappointed with this cup holder. All the other accessories are amazing but followed the install instructions and the cup holder swivels forward and backwards and resulted in my cup falling out and the cup holder breaking at the attachment point.

Hi Chrissy,

I'm sorry you've had trouble with your Cup Holder. We have made some improvements to the cup holder so please email us with your delivery address and phone number, and mention this review. We'll send you a new one. Thanks, Emily

Oscar Mx
Not for off road

Overall this is a good product with the bundle having everything you need. However it feels quite cheaply made and ‘plastic’ and the suspension is very firm therefore my newborn bounces around in the bassinet. We like to do walks with our dog and a lot of the time this pram is not up for the task (even driving it on grass is pushing it’s limits). Great buy if you only intend to use it on smooth concrete.

Hi Samantha, thanks for sharing your experience. We will be releasing air tyres for the Oscar Mx and aiming to have these available around the end of March. Em :)


I love this carry cot! I used it a lot in the new born stage, used it in the pram and in the lounge as a day nap space! My baby seemed to like sleeping in this more than his moses basket! Super comfy!

Oscar Mx
S Oh

I LOVE this pram so much! It is so smooth to drive and lightweight. I highly recommend this pram to any new mum! And they look gorgeous too.
I also love how the basket area at the bottom is large to fit everything in!

Oscar Mx
Georgia Bradley
Awesome team awesome pram !!

Absolutely loving my Oscar mx!
Bought the bundle which has been amazing. The ease of the capsule being able to be easily attached to the pram for quick trips has been a life saver. The cot attachment was awesome in the early days, we loved it for day time naps or when out and about. We have recently purchased the newborn insert for the mx as our 4 month old is very keen on looking out and about. We had an issue with our cup holder which was quickly dealt with by the amazing team and a replacement sent out promptly.
Would definitely recommend edwards and co!!