Why do I need a Carry Cot?

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A question we often get asked is, “do we really need a Carry Cot”
Our strollers are suitable from newborn so the Carry Cot is not a necessity, but it is the best-selling accessory we have because it makes life so much easier!

Here are some reasons we LOVE our Carry Cots:

  • You don’t need to strap baby into them and it keeps baby lying/sleeping flat When babies are small or swaddled, it's hard to strap them into the stroller straps but with the Carry Cot, you can leave your baby swaddled and asleep while you go out for a stroll.
  • Keeps baby protected from the elements The Carry Cot is perfect for both winter and summer. In winter, you can wrap baby up warm and have peace of mind the Carry Cot cover will protect them from the wind and cold. In summer, baby only needs to lay on a thin muslin as the canopy will protect them from the sun, and the air vents open to let in a cool breeze.
  • Ideal for day sleeps You can use your Carry Cot for day sleeps as a portable bassinet – bring it into the lounge with you while you enjoy a well-deserved cuppa.
  • You can leave baby sleeping in them after a walk If you go for a walk from home and baby falls asleep, you can leave baby sleeping in the Carry Cot without having to wake them up and move them (unlike the capsule as it is not recommended to leave a baby in their capsule for long periods of time, or unattended).
  • Great for BBQs or going out for dinner While you're out enjoying life with your baby, you can rest assured baby is still getting a good sleep lying flat in their Carry Cot which acts as a handy portacot.
  • Great for travel and as a portacot for the first 6 months

A lot of our customers travel with their Carry Cots as you can use this as a portacot while you are away on holiday. The Carry Cot also fits into our Travel Bag with the Stroller Frame. It folds flat which makes it very easy to pack into the car or into the Travel Bag.

An added bonus is baby is already familiar with their Carry Cot so settling in a new environment is a little less daunting. 

Also a great bassinet to take to the Grandparents house!