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Rubber, PU or EVA Wheels?

by Zoe Goodman

Do you know what kind of wheels you need when buying a pram?

Your choices are rubber, PU or EVA – but what does it all mean? The mind boggles a little bit - we're parents too - but while they may sound meaningless, there are significant differences in performance and durability. 

Let's look at each wheel type to know what is best for you when choosing your new buggy. 


Rubber is a natural material sourced from the rubber tree. It is the highest quality wheel material, with superb grip, durability and softness. Rubber wheels feel incredibly smooth to push and work well at any temperature. In addition, rubber is the safest material - it doesn't slide on smooth or wet surfaces and lasts longer. This is why cars, trucks, motorcycles and push-bikes use it.

Rubber is an expensive material typically used on higher-priced prams, especially all-terrain ones. 

We use rubber for the Oscar three-wheeler; the standard wheels are foam-filled, or you can purchase our Air Tyre Kit instead. Perfect for those of you with gravel roads or if your daily walk is off the beaten track.

PU (Polyurethane) 

PU is a manufactured product designed around 50 years ago that mimics the rubber's grip and softness. It is harder than rubber but is superbly durable. The grip on smooth surfaces isn't excellent, but it works well on concrete and all-terrain surfaces. 

It's tough to tell the difference between PU and rubber. They both have a very matte appearance and are soft to the touch. The best test is to slide it on a smooth surface, such as tiles or wooden flooring. If it slides easily, it's likely PU; if it grips, it's likely rubber. 

We use PU on our Otto travel stroller because it's lighter than rubber, durable, smooth and quiet. 


EVA is manufactured plastic, and because it's so light, it's the most common type of wheel seen on smaller strollers (it can be pretty noisy, too, so you'll hear as someone walks past with EVA wheels!). However, it's a cheaper alternative to rubber or PU, and the durability isn't up to the same standard, so you wouldn't find an all-terrain pram with EVA wheels.

It's an excellent option for cabin-friendly strollers, as being as lightweight as possible is the most important factor here, rather than offering a smooth ride off-road. 

So why don't we use EVA wheels on our travel strollers?  Feedback from our customers is that while they buy their travel stroller for a holiday, they end up using it every day because it's so practical.  For that reason we believe durability and smoothness is more important to customers than the approx 200g in weight saving gained from EVA wheels. 

We know there is a lot to take in as a soon-to-be parent, especially if it's your first time. So at Edwards & Co, we make it our mission to simplify things for you. 

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