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Rubber, PU or EVA wheels? Let us explain what and why...

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If you’re in the market for a stroller or pram, the chances are you’ve come across many types of wheels.
We’ve got rubber, PU and EVA – but what does it all mean? The mind boggles a little bit, we know - we’re parents too - but while they may sound meaningless, there are actually big differences in terms of performance and durability.

Let’s look at each type of wheel so you know exactly what you need when choosing your new stroller.

Rubber is a natural material, sourced from the rubber tree. It is the highest quality material for wheels, with superb grip, durability and the highest softness. Rubber wheels feel incredibly smooth to push and work well in any temperature. Rubber is the safest material - it doesn’t slide on smooth or wet surfaces and lasts longer. This is why it’s used on cars, trucks, motorcycles and push-bikes.

Rubber is an expensive material and is generally used on higher priced strollers, especially all-terrain ones.

We use rubber for the Oscar three-wheeled stroller (air-filled for the Oscar g3 and foam-filled for the Oscar Mx).

PU (Polyurethane)
PU is a manufactured product designed around 50 years ago that mimic’s the grip and softness of rubber. It is harder than rubber but is superbly durable. The grip on smooth surfaces isn’t great but it works well on concrete and all-terrain surfaces.

It’s very hard to tell the difference between PU and rubber. They both have a very matte appearance and are soft to touch. The best test is to try to slide it on a smooth surface such as tiles or wooden flooring. If it slides easily it’s likely PU. If it grips its likely rubber.

We use PU on our Otto travel stroller (our travel stroller) because it’s lighter than rubber, is durable, smooth and quiet.

EVA is a manufactured plastic (it certainly looks like plastic!). Because it’s so light, it’s the most common type of wheel seen on smaller strollers. It’s also very cheap to make, so manufacturers commonly use it to save cost. The grip is terrible, and durability is poor. It’s also very noisy (you can tell an EVA wheel when you can hear a stroller rolling past). If you can see stone holes on your wheels, that’s an EVA wheel.

We don’t like EVA as a tread so we don’t use it on our prams! Personally, we recommend avoiding it where you can.

We know there’s a lot to take in as a ‘soon-to-be’ parent, especially if it’s your first time. At Edwards & Co, we make it our mission to simplify things for you. We totally get that there is so much choice out there and we pride ourselves on delivering what parents want and need, rather than multiple features that are over complicated and give you a headache - our products are designed with love. Head to our website to purchase your Edwards & Co stroller or find a local retailer to see it in the flesh.