We are Family!

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For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Mark. I work behind the scenes at Edwards & Co, alongside my Dad, Warwick. It’s a real family affair here!

Dad’s been in the stroller business for over 30 years. He got super immersed when he and Mum found out they were having twins in the eighties! There wasn’t a whole host of strollers available then, so, as you can imagine, they fell head over heels for the revolutionary Phoenix inline and proudly pushed us around the streets of New Zealand.

Personally, I've always loved anything with wheels on it (as you can see by this pic of me wheeling "Bruce" around the streets of Auckland)! Edwards & Co is really big passion for me, I truly love making and selling strollers to you guys!

There are so many stroller brands out there - some are more singing and dancing than your high school musical! But at Edwards & Co, we will always build strollers that are easy to use, stylish and aesthetically pleasing, and functional to boot - without the overwhelm.

2017 was quite the year for us, it seems you guys love our products! We are so happy and humbled by that. LOOK OUT 2018, we have some extraordinary things happening. So stay tuned! #EdwardsAndCoBaby

Written by Mark Edwards