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Making Traditions Stick

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Making Traditions Stick

How do you become the family in the matching Christmas jammies? Serious question.

Family traditions can probably be broken down into two categories: the ‘big’ stuff and the ‘little’ stuff.

The Big Stuff

These traditions generally revolve around festive holidays and major events throughout the year; Christmas, birthdays, an annual trip. It’s Elf on the Shelf at Christmastime and an Easter egg hunt at the cousins each year.

These big traditions will produce cringe-worthy photo opportunities and a stressed out Mum (or Dad) organising it all! 

The Little Stuff

These are traditions that might come about more naturally, and it might not be until five years down the track that you realise you’ve created traditions at all.

It’s the Farmers Market most Sunday’s, a fluffy after swimming every Wednesday morning or Friday night takeaways in front of a movie. It might be a jingle you sing in the bath each night or a handshake/cuddle/kiss routine before bed.

Unlike ‘the big stuff’, these little traditions might not get passed down through generations. And they’re changeable i.e. the bath time jingle will be your norm for years until suddenly it’s not. But just because these little traditions can change doesn’t mean they’re not a big deal. These activities will be the very things your children remember…long after you’ve forgotten!

Making them stick

The little traditions are unique to your family – so we’re no help there – but the big traditions can be a little more forced.

Here are some ideas from the team:

• Emily (Marketing Delivery Manager): Remember some of the traditions from your childhood and just recreate them! My favourite was always opening one present on Christmas Eve.

• Aimee (Sales & Accounts) is big on traditions...especially at Christmastime: Every year the kids get a Santa Photo (even when they were screaming as a baby) and I frame and display them and they become part of the Christmas decorations. Its really cool to be able to look back on all the photos over the years.

Here are a few ideas from our Facebook and Instagram followers: 

• Every Sunday we make coffees, turn the music on, make breakfast together and dance.

• I make a photo book for each child for their birthday each year.

• Christmas Eve is a sleepover in the lounge with Christmas pjs, popcorn a Xmas movie.

• (On how to make traditions stick): We talk about them lots - make it a cool thing, a big deal, and repeat!