The Countdown is ON!

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The countdown is on! In less than one week, Mark and Christian’s wee baby boy is going to be here, all snuggled up with his Daddy’s. What a journey it’s been to get to this point and now, only a few more sleeps until they can hold their precious boy for the first time.

Aleisha flew up to Auckland at the start of the week and has been enjoying some downtime with Christian before the big day. She’s feeling a little nervous for the birth but after having two kids of her own already, she’s not completely new to this giving birth business. Her two kids back at home are exactly the motivation Aleisha needs to get through the delivery – and getting her body back after sharing it with a tiny human for the last nine months!

Despite being induced in just a few days’ time, Mark and Christian still have a few bits and pieces to get done before their first-born enters the world. Little things like packing the hospital bag, a last-minute grocery shop and the small task of plastering and painting the nursery…

The village!

Christian is confident they’re totally ready for their little boy but is starting to feel a bit nervous about the lack of sleep that’s coming their way. Hopefully it skips their child and they’re all sleeping through by the time baby is a few weeks old (one can hope, right?) Regardless of whether he sleeps through or not, Mark and Christian already think their little man is the best baby in the world – scratch that, they KNOW he’s totally fabulous and better than any other baby ever! This wee boy is already so loved and there’s a whole village waiting impatiently for him to arrive earthside.

The Dad’s are getting nervous, Aleisha is feeling huge, and the rest of us are remembering what it was like waiting for our own first child to arrive. Now off for another pre-baby lunch and reflexology massage and fingers crossed baby decides to come early.

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