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How your baby will sleep is something we start thinking about even early on during pregnancy. We might worry about the inevitable lack of sleep and start to worry as we realise how little we know about swaddling, layers and safe sleep.

Even the most basic newborn checklist will tell us that having somewhere safe and warm for the baby to sleep is an essential – never mind about the wipes warmer!

The safe sleep basics

• Always put your baby on their back to sleep;
• Keep their sleep space free from loose blankets, toys and other items;
• Make sure the bassinet or cot mattress is firm and flat;
• Keep your baby at a comfortable temperature with one extra layer than you (and the room kept at 20°C)

If you choose to co-sleep, it’s still important your baby has their own safe sleep space. You can use a pēpi-pod® or a co-sleeper bassinet like the SnüzPod4.

Check out this link for tips on how to keep baby safe in bed. 

What should my newborn wear to bed?

Your baby will sleep best in a warm, dry bassinet or cot. Using bedding made from natural fibres, like cotton or wool, will keep baby comfortable and avoid over-heating (a risk factor for SIDS).

The SnüzPod4 Bedding Sets are made from 100% jersey cotton and come with two fitted sheets and a reversible blanket, which can also be used as a swaddle.
Dress your baby in natural fibres. We like to put cotton against the skin and layer with merino or a cotton all-in-one. Remember, if you swaddle your baby, this acts as the extra layer they need.

Daytime naps versus night time sleep – what’s the difference?

Most newborns will have no trouble sleeping in a bright room during the day so it’s up to you whether you are strict on where they sleep. In saying that, it’s also very normal and common for your baby to only sleep on your chest so this might be your routine for the ‘fourth trimester’.

A great option for the early days is using a Moses basket or the SnüzPod4 as both can be easily moved around the house. Have baby sleeping next to you while you binge a Netflix series or prep dinner in the kitchen.

Sleep aids, like white noise, swaddling and dummies, will help settle your baby to sleep and can be used for day and night sleep.

After the first 6-12 weeks, your baby will likely ‘wake up to the world’ and you may need to start darkening their room for daytime naps and introduce a sleep routine – but this is completely up to you and your baby!

A handy feature of the SnüzPod4 is its rockable base which makes resettling your little one a touch easier.  


Okay, so what does my newborn really need for sleep?

1. A bed (with firm mattress)
2. Mattress protector
3. 2-3 sheet sets
4. 1-2 blankets
5. A couple of wraps/swaddling blankets
6. Bodysuits/singlets
7. All-in-one, stretch and grow or gowns

What might be helpful?

These are items that you can save for after baby arrives. Or you might get gifted these at your baby shower…

1. Dummies
2. White noise machine
3. Cuddly/comforter