Our Summer with Otto

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This blog was written by Nicola - one of our 2018 Brand Rep competition winners. The words and images are her own. Take it away Nicola...

We were recently gifted the Otto stroller from Edwards and Co and we haven’t been disappointed.

What a total game changer for us as a family...

Our middle son, Kash, has a rare movement disorder and needs assistance with a lot of everyday things like walking, dressing, eating and talking. He uses a walker to get around and a wheelchair for long distance.

Sometimes when we are out and about, we need to take both heavy pieces of equipment with us as he is your typical 5 year old boy that hates sitting still.

As you can imagine boot space is limited once these items are packed in.

Cue the Otto…

Now we can literally pack Poppy’s stroller between her car seat and the driver’s seat – that’s how compact the Otto is! It means we don’t have to sacrifice Poppy’s buggy when we are out and there’s less chance of a tantrum due to tiredness and walking. She’s only 20 months so those little legs will only take her so far!

It’s the kind of buggy you can keep in your car all the time and never have to take it out as it takes up such little space. There’s nothing worse than loading and unloading the buggy every time you go to do something for yourself (which let’s be honest is usually the supermarket shopping 🤦🏼‍♀️)

It’s so easy to fold and unfold – even my nine year old can do it! In fact, he usually does when I’m unloading the other kids out of the car; I often turn around and he has the buggy unfolded and ready to go.
An added bonus is that it’s tall enough for tall families like us. There’s nothing worse than pushing an umbrella stroller around like the hunchback of notre dame!
I can only fault one thing and that’s not being able to adjust the handle height (like the Oscar g3). Sometimes Poppy likes to push the buggy herself and it would be perfect if we could lower the handle to her height.
We didn’t go away this Christmas as we are taking a break at the end of February instead – it will be our first time away with all five of us!
That didn’t stop us from adventuring our own back yard. We found an amazing cycle/walking track that’s been built down the road from us in amongst nature, it’s so peaceful and beautiful. I was worried the Otto would struggle with smaller wheels, but it handled itself beautifully.

Poppy loves travelling in the Otto; the seat is nice and long which makes it perfect for when she wants to lay flat. But my favourite part is definitely the size of the hood; it’s so big for a little stroller and gives some serious shade protection which is what you want from our NZ sun!

The basket underneath is also generous for the size of the buggy which makes trips to the supermarket super easy if you’re like me and are still forgetting your bags…
It’s narrow which makes it so easy to manoeuvre in those shops that make their aisles only suitable for size 6 supermodels.
So, for anyone questioning whether the Otto is for them, I say go for it! You won’t regret it.
Your child can travel in comfort and style, but your boot won’t be taken up by a monstrosity of a buggy!