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We recently asked our Facebook and Instagram followers, “what’s on your must-have list for when baby arrives?” and you guys came through with the answers! In no particular order…

  • A thermometer for the room that you can also put in the bath.
  • A shusher! A couple of decent wraps. A freezer packed with meals and friends who will bring you food. People who bring you food are the best people.
  • Nappy cream
  • Muslins for burping cloths. And a stretchy wrap for baby wearing is excellent for settling a grumpy bub.
  • Love to dream swaddle.
  • Wipes and nappies.
  • You don’t need anything desperately before they arrive... all babies like different things... we brought some stuff on recommendation before our babe was born and total waste of money cos he hates them!
  • A babysitter.
  • Sleeping bag - muslin wraps - burp cloths - bath with baby seat - baby hat - QV cream - white noise! - night light for socket - cute onesies. Also, read up all you can on baby sleep...
  • And coffee, all the coffee!!
  • A really comfortable couch or seat as you will be spending a lot of time there! It’s also handy to set up a little container that could hold your remotes, water and snacks handy. Babies don’t need much the first little while, just someone to love them and give them all the cuddles.
  • A portable bassinet worked wonders for transporting tiny sleeping baby around the house without disturbing.
  • Milestone cards, sleepy bath time oil, onesies with double zips are great for easy nappy changes! & coffee.
  • Lots of sleep before the baby is born as you won't be getting much afterwards.
  • The baby bouncer is a must!!

It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed by everything you have to buy for your baby and it’s tricky to know what you really need.

Our stroller and travel systems can make life easier – that’s our goal anyway. Just click your capsule into your stroller and off you go, from home to car to shops and back again.

Add the carry cot for your newborn and you’ve got yourself a handy portable bassinet for day sleeps at home, and out and about. The carry cot clicks into any one of our strollers and has passed strict safety standards which means baby can sleep in it soundly…for hours if they’re that way inclined.

Our best advice is to ask your friends what they’ve found to be helpful. You’ll soon learn that your baby needs only a few essentials: somewhere safe to sleep, a car seat, a few warm clothes and of course, nappies, wipes and YOU!