Let's Meet Aleisha!

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We have something pretty special coming to Edwards & Co in June – a baby! As you may have heard through the grapevine (or read in our Surrogate Dads blog), one of the great men behind Edwards & Co, and his husband, are edging closer toward becoming Dads.

With baby’s due date looming, we thought it was about time to introduce Aleisha, the amazing woman who agreed to carry Mark and Christian’s child. 

In the past, Aleisha (you can follow her journey more closely here) had floated the idea of donating eggs but wasn’t sure she would be able to handle having a biological connection to a child who wasn’t her own. Aleisha is already a wonderful Mum to two gorgeous kiddos, aged13 and 5.

Aleisha answered Mark and Christian’s call on social media for a possible surrogate, met them in a café and here we are! If only it was that simple…

The three met about 1.5 years ago and the trio agree there was an instant connection. Aleisha had a good gut feeling and could imagine herself carrying Mark and Christian’s baby, and the future Dads thought Aleisha ticked all the right boxes – personality, health, past pregnancies and reliability.

Since then it’s been a whirlwind of counselling, IVF and other legalities.

Aleisha’s been lucky enough to enjoy her past two pregnancies with no major issues but they knew not to expect too much from the first round of IVF; they knew of the risks and didn’t want to get their hopes up. But, Baby X is a determined wee thing and was conceived first go!

Fast-forward five months and Aleisha and baby are doing well. The baby is thriving and has been measuring one week ahead – perhaps we’re in for an early arrival?

What will the future look like for Aleisha? Feeling the baby grow and kick is exciting but she’s not about to get cold feet. Surrogacy is her current job and she’s planning for life after pregnancy, with study and travel in her sights. The bond she’ll have with Mark and Christian’s child will be like a Godparent or Aunty who lives in another city; social media makes it easy to keep in touch!

After the life-changing decision she has made, it’s no wonder Aleisha has become part of the family.

Do you have a burning question for Aleisha, Mark or Christian? Head over to our Facebook page or alternatively, email hello@edwardsandcobaby.com