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How does the new Oscar compare to the earlier model?

Read Baby Box Kapiti’s blog here for a general overview.
• Similarities:

o Both have a parent-facing/reversible seat – a unique feature of a three-wheel buggy;

o Both can be used with an Edwards & Co capsule without the need for adapters;

o Both have a weight limit of 20 kg so can be used the whole time your child needs a stroller;

o Both models are an all-terrain buggy and handle beautifully over rugged terrain, including gravel, grass, sand, mud, concrete and inner city footpaths.

• Differences:

o The Oscar Mx now has foam-filled tyres instead of air-filled. This reduces your day-to-day maintenance and means no risk of punctures. The Oscar Mx still gives you the same smooth ride you’ve grown to love from Edwards & Co;

o The Mx has a 50% larger basket;

o The Mx has a seat back height of 55 cm compared to only 48 cm for the g3. This means it’s more accommodating for taller children;

o The Mx is only 10.3 kg compared to 12.3 kg (g3);

o We’ve extended the sun canopy to give your child even more sun protection;

o The g3 is suitable from newborn to 20 kg whereas the Mx is suitable from 6 months to 20 kg. If using the Mx from newborn, you will need to purchase the newborn insert. Other options include using the Carry Cot Mx or Avery Capsule attachments;

o The Mx is compatible with the Carry Cot Mx and Avery Capsule – it cannot be used with earlier models of capsule or carry cot (and the new range carry cot and capsule cannot be used with older models of the Oscar). This is because the Mx features a new memory adapter design which makes life simpler! You can remove the stroller seat, carry cot or capsule with only one hand…too easy! 

Are the new Mx accessories compatible with g1-g3?

The new Edwards & Co collection is a beautiful range of strollers and accessories with a distinct Edwards & Co “feel” we know you LOVE!

And the good news? Most of our accessories can be used with the new Mx range, the older g1-g3 AND the Otto stroller…

Universal Cup Holder

o This fits all strollers and comes with three separate clips so you can choose to attach to your Oscar Mx, Oscar g1-g3 or Otto.

Sleeping Bag

o Our redesigned sleeping bag works with all strollers.

Luxe Liner

o Now available in our distinct colourway: Moss Green, Burnt Red, Mustard, Grey and Back. These liners work with all strollers, including the Otto.
o Our redesigned Luxe Liner features a soft grey infant side and a more hard-wearing coloured side for use with older children.

Newborn insert

o This is ONLY for the Oscar Mx, it is not necessary for the g1-g3 or the Otto and is purposefully designed to allow the Oscar Mx to be used from newborn as it creates a flat surface.

• Sun and rain cover

o The Oscar Mx has its own sun and rain cover and these cannot be used with earlier models.
o The Otto has its own sun and rain covers and can only be used with the Otto.
o Sun and rain covers are available for the older g1-g3 models and these are the same as what we’ve been stocking previously. The rain cover is more of a universal rain cover and not fitted to the stroller frame. The sun cover fits the g1-g3 stroller frame and features a peek-a-boo window and easy zip access at the front.

Can I use the new carry cot and capsule with my old stroller/Can I use my old carry cot and capsule with the new stroller?

The Mx range features a new memory adapter design. This means you only need one hand to lift your capsule and carry cot off the frame, or to reverse/remove the stroller seat. This is a wonderful new feature and will be seriously helpful for those with arthritis or anyone who has their hands full!

Watch these short videos for a quick tutorial:

Removing and reversing the seat
Installing the Avery Car Seat
Installing the Carry Cot

You can only use the Avery Car Seat and Carry Cot Mx with the new Oscar Mx. These cannot be used with the Oscar g1-g3. You cannot use your old carry cot or Capsule s1-s2 with the new Oscar Mx stroller.

* We do sell the Maxi Cosi Adapter for the g1-g3 strollers and a new Maxi Cosi Adapter M Series for the new Mx stroller. These adapters allow you to use a different brand of capsule with our stroller.
** The capsule base has not changed. You can use a previously purchased base with the new Avery Capsule and vice versa.

Will the g3 be discontinued? Can I still get spare parts? 

The Oscar Mx has replaced the g3 model. We used to refer to the Oscar g3 as the "evolution of the 3 wheel buggy" and this is what we continue to do, evolve and improve an award-winning product.

We will always have spare parts available for our strollers (past and present) so if you need a new storage basket, wheels replaced or inner tubes for your g3 (or older model), please contact us directly to organise.

 We will continue to stock the sun and rain cover for the g3 but any other accessories you need will be from the Mx collection.

Any chance of a double option?!

We will be launching our double stroller in 2022 (likely mid-year). It has been long awaited and we are so excited to share it with you soon!

For those expecting their second child, here are a few options:

• The Lascal Maxi Board attaches to any of our strollers (Oscar g1-g3, Mx and Otto) and is available from major retailers...or our Edwards & Co Buggy Board coming in 2021 (!). The Lascal Maxi Board is now also available with a seat option so children can either stand or sit on the back. This is good when your first child is old enough to stand or sit semi-unaided. Not so suitable when the gap between number one and two is small.

• Front pack! While your newborn is tiny (and for the first 6 or so months) you might like to use a front pack and have your older child sit in the stroller. By the time your baby is ready for the stroller, your toddler may be old enough to walk by themselves (or be demanding to walk by themselves!)

We understand that for some families, a double stroller is essential and the above options won’t be suitable. There are also plenty of families who upgrade to a double and find they don't need it, or those who stick with their single and do just fine!

Parenting…it looks different for all of us.