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Caro's Miracle Baby

by Emily Parks

How would you describe your pregnancy experience so far? What have been the positives?

From finding out I was pregnant on the day of my 40th birthday, what a present!? Right through to 36 weeks, I have really had a DREAM pregnancy. It’s almost like being pregnant has been a ‘re-set’ for a body that up until then wasn’t set right. Quite literally about a month before I fell pregnant, I was advised I should go on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) as a way to help delay menopause because my body wasn’t doing what it ‘should’ in terms of reproductive health…turns out…my body had something else planned and I’ll be forever grateful for that surprise twist of fate ha! At 36 weeks pregnant I developed Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction (which is basically a blimmin sore pelvis and especially sore front ‘vagina bone’ meaning it’s hard to walk, move, sleep, get up and down…. but seriously, it’s near the end of it all and I’ve been so very lucky. Loved being pregnant. 

What has been your biggest challenge?

I’d say for me, and this may sound funny, but the biggest challenge has been ACCEPTING that it’s happening and letting myself get excited about it despite when fear about things not going OK creeps in. Considering it was never meant to even be a possibility and therefore something we weren’t even ‘trying’ for it has been a mind-shift for sure to get my head around. 

I’m assuming you have some friends who had children a few years before yourself; how do you feel going through pregnancy and entering the ‘baby stage’ when others have already “been there, done that”? 

I actually feel incredibly LUCKY I have so many amazing Mumma’s around me who I can turn to, ask advice from…It really does feel like I’m in a very blessed position to have had all these wonderful women pave the way through their own trial and error, before me so I can use some of their tricks and tips as I enter my own ‘motherhood journey’. Some of the tricks I would never have guessed in a thousand years!! Dream result for me haha! In terms of having a baby a bit later in life than I would have thought would be the case, it’s allowed me to live such a full life of experiences that I can now share with the little fella, as well as have a realistic expectation around what Motherhood is cause it ain’t what’s on the gram looking all pretty – of that I’m absolutely sure. 

Your nursery is all set up…does it feel like you’re about to become a Mum, about to have a baby in the house?

Yeah it really does…I walk in there a number of times most days and just take a deep breath, sit in the ‘feeding chair’ and contemplate what our days and nights and time spent together when he’s on the outside and with us will be. How we will get to know each other, how we will help him transition into the world from his comfy squishy place inside my body…so many beautiful and terrifying unknows that we will all be going through together, and right now in the calm of the beautiful nursery set-up, it’s a special place to spend time and mentally prepare for his arrival.

What preparations, if any, have you done to get yourself ready for labour and birth?

We’ve done a positive births course which focuses on breathing and relaxation techniques for a natural birth, we’ve listened to a few audio books about all the different ways of bringing a baby into the world, we’ve spoken to friends, and obviously done our antenatal classes and from there got a birth plan together (that we all know can go tits-up at any point haha) but good to have an ‘A game ideal’ and then let the ‘birth cards’ fall where they may. I’m of the mindset that so long as I do all I can to help the little guy get out, so he is as safe and as heathy as possible, I’ll do what I need to do. Our bodies are amazing things, as is modern medicine along with that if something goes awry… 

Have you made any preparations for postpartum or the “fourth trimester”?

Haha I’m keeping my expectations very low, staying open minded to whatever IS, is what will be, and hope to go with the flow as it actually sounds (from all accounts) like an incredibly rough and unexpected ride! Bring on the adult nappies, the sore nipples, the no sleep, no showering…

What are you most excited about becoming a Mum?

How does one even begin to answer this question!? So many things. I’m curious to experience emotions on a deeper level, I’m curious to learn about this new little person in our lives, I’m curious to see how my husband and I work together as parents…so many things to look forward to and think about.

What hopes do you have for your future little boy?

I hope he is happy and healthy, that he knows he is loved, that he knows that whatever he is, he is enough, and I hope he is able to live a life where he isn’t afraid of trying new things, having adventures, being kind and aware of others, a life where he says YES to opportunity and has fun!

What are you worried might be the hard parts of motherhood/new baby life?

Having never done any of it before….aaaaaallll the things haha!

What’s the most common piece of “advice” you’ve got during this pregnancy?

“Sleep while you can” which pisses me right off because anyone who has been pregnant knows that you’re up at least 5 times a night weeing, and as you get further along, sleeping is beyond uncomfortable so it’s a ridiculous thing to say. I guess it’s all training for when the bubba arrives huh.

Your story of a surprise pregnancy after being told you were infertile is certainly nothing short of a miracle. Are you someone who believes in fate? Or how would you describe this experience?

You know what? I believe in intuition…from there, if you listen to your ‘inner voice’ you can connect to what one might call fate. This experience has been nothing short of miraculous (for me) and to even consider taking a pregnancy test would have been something I’d never bother to do based on the fact it wasn’t meant to be possible, yet something told me to do so. I peed on that stick and almost had a heart attack. Along with that, Wes and I had only recently got back together after being separated for a while, and so to get pregnant after all that did absolutely have a feeling of ‘wow’…life could so have gone another way than this, yet here we are. I’m incredibly grateful!

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