A Record Summer

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This summer has been one for the record books; we’re quite literally in the middle of a heatwave. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the temperature of the ocean but these near-30 degree days aren’t quite the same with a baby in tow. There’s the impossible task of keeping the nursery at a recommended 18 degrees, a little boy with a mouthful of sand every time we’re at the beach, and rogue mozzies that find their way into sleeping bag

Our little boy is at that perfect age, 7 months old and getting more cheeky by the day. In the last few days he’s decided he can commando crawl across a room and I have a sneaking suspicion that everything in our house is about to get shaken up! He’s a little firecracker and together we go a bit stir-crazy inside so it’s down to the park or off to the beach at every chance we can get.
We want to be able to give Olly the kind of childhood we remember. You know, the endless hours playing outside, swimming, running amok – all the good stuff! ‘They’ say that if you expose your kids to loads of different environments when they’re young, they’ll be pretty easygoing as they get older. Who knows if there’s any truth in it but I love getting out and about with my wee sidekick and making the most of these sunny days.

Our Oscar g3 takes pride of place in the boot and has been an absolute lifesaver time and time again. From the early days with a newborn, popping the capsule in and out with ease, to our daily adventures across grass and sand; this buggy has been through it all. And even with grubby tyres, its clean design looks the part at our local café.

I’ve been looking down at my little man in the Oscar g3’s reverse seat for seven months and can’t believe how quickly he’s grown. And through it all Edwards & Co has been along for the ride.

Written by Emily (Marketing Delivery Manager)