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Tune Up Day

We will service and Tune Up your stroller so it remains the smoothest ride.

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At Edwards & Co we aim to provide you with the best in service and support for the life of your stroller. We're putting our tech team on the road exclusively for Edwards & Co customers. We have a limited number of tickets available for our Tune Up days - coming to a city near you! 

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Exclusive to Edwards & Co customers

We design, manufacture and deliver strollers that are built to go the extra mile, but sometimes, when they're put through their paces they made need a little TLC. We provide a free Tune-Up whereby our clever tech team service your stroller to ensure it's in tip-top condition and giving you the smoothest ride.

Servicing at home

Download our easy to read Servicing Guide and care for your stroller at home. 

Servicing Guide